The more you know about your vehicle's entertainment features, the more enjoyment you can get out of your car. The infotainment system is a fancy word for your car's entertainment, information, and driver communication features.

There is a range of options that drivers can choose from when it comes to their vehicles' infotainment systems. The trend in newer cars is towards more connectivity, especially as drivers are able to integrate their smartphones with existing displays and driver information. Many automakers are incorporating their own proprietary infotainment systems in their vehicles. Drivers are able to customize several of the options, including access to weather updates, GPS navigation, access to their playlists or personalized streaming services, and data on their car's performance.

Find the perfect vehicle for you with an infotainment system and all of the other features that make your drive more enjoyable. Take a test drive at Fuccillo Chevrolet Buick, Inc in Adams, NY today.

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